life in it’s purest form is enough. 

i recently came across an article that read, “who owns the moon,” without looking into detail i immediately came here to take a load off my chest. “who owns the moon?..are you serious?” why are we so invested in being self-righteous? we were brought upon this earth borrowing things from the planet, and now, millions of years later, we seem to have come to the conclusion that we naturally own everything and it’s now up to human competition. NO. we own nothing. we have nothing. we borrow, we use, and we return. since when are we entitled to claim everything? based on our percent return to the earth, i don’t expect us to be “owning” anything soon.

oatmeal: mixed 1 whole mango in (adds natural sweetness), 9 blueberries, 4 raspberries, and old fashioned oats 


same tree, different sunset

rolling clouds



i like the view from my bed. 

i like it too.

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les tomates